4 Months Into Bullet Journaling...

4 Months Into Bullet Journaling...

You know that person that pins everything on Pinterest or saves ideas from Instagram but will never actually do anything with those ideas? That was me (and still partially is).

But I really decided that I wanted my 2019 to be the healthiest, most motivated year-to-date. One of my longtime goals was to get into bullet journaling. I knew it would help me to stay focused on certain aspects of my life and to stay on-track with my goals.

So, this year I finally made it happen. And let me just say: Best. Decision.

This little journal helps me track my water intake (something I wanted to get so much better at), my workouts, and my mood. It's so interesting to look back at a month full of different mood colors and really track how my mood fluctuates.

I also decided to track spending (still getting better at this one...), books read, and movies seen with this journal, as well. Every month, I also make an overarching goal to strive toward.

Because of this journal (and my own personal guilt that will not let me lie even though I would only be lying to myself), I have done so much better at working out and drinking at least 64 oz. of water every single day. I don't want to look down at my journal and feel bad about myself because I took 3 weeks off from working out.

This journal has also encouraged me to read at least a book a month. I used to be an avid reader. Then life got busy and reading wasn't my priority anymore. Now, because I don't want to stare at a blank "Books" page, I make sure to finish at least one book a month. (I'm currently reading Michelle Obama's Becoming and it's a must-read, just saying!)

Truly, I am so excited to finish this year of bullet journaling. I'll get to look back at a year of fulfilled goals and reminisce about the different books and movies I devoured. It'll also help me to set new goals for 2020.

If you're already bullet journaling, I'm sure you understand the usefulness of it. If you're not, I would at least encourage you to write down some goals or free journal some of your workouts, spending, etc. habits. You become so much more accountable when you have to stare at your progress on the page in front of you and reflect on how you're really doing.



I'm Harvest. I'm a fifth-year teacher, and I teach 1st grade. I also like to read. My goal with this blog is to give myself an outlet to reflect, share ideas, and grow creatively.

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